Simplify Screen

From: 9.99 Excl. 20% Ust / month with a 14-day free trial

Turn any TV into a dynamic digital information screen using Simplify Screen, the affordable digital signage solution. Perfect for offices, meeting rooms, receptions, restaurants, hotels, lobbies, waiting rooms or basically anywhere you want. Interact better with your guests, customers or employees by sharing your information directly on any tv screen. Easily set up to be fully branded with your own logo, background and colours.

  • 14 day free trial
  • Works with Amazon Fire TV
  • All settings are set through your account on
  • Can be cancelled any time

Simplify Screen uses an Amazon Fire Stick or Cube to show your content on your screen. These devices are NOT included with a Simplify Screen subscription. You can buy them separately on Amazon by using the links on the bottom of this page.



Simplify Screen WELCOME  –  €9.99 / month

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Upload your own logo and background image
  • Choose your colors for branding
  • Google Calendar integration – show your guests name automatically
  • Openweathermap integration
  • Show WiFi information to your guests

Simplify Screen STANDARD – €19.99 / month

  • All features from the WELCOME plan
  • Digital Signage with Google Slides integration –  Plays 1 source at the same time
    • Create your own slideshow through Google Slides
    • Webcam Feeds
    • Live Streams
  • Extended Google Calendar integration – Show multiple upcoming events, updates automatically
  • Instagram integration – Updates every 30 minutes
  • 6 Different styles
    • Welcome screen
    • Calendar & Instagram
    • Instagram Only
    • Full Screen Digital Signage
    • Calendar & Digital Signage
    • Instagram and Digital Signage

Simplify Screen PRO – €29.99 / month

  • All features from the WELCOME and STANDARD plan
  • YouTube integration
  • Extended Digital Signage – Choose an unlimited amount of sources to rotate on your screen
  • Extended Instagram integration – Updates every 15 minutes
  • 11 Different styles
    • All styles from the STANDARD plan
    • Calendar & YouTube
    • Instagram & YouTube
    • Calendar & Instagram & YouTube
    • YouTube Full Screen
    • Calendar & Instagram & Digital Signage


Buy an Amazon Fire TV Device

Simplify Screen uses an Amazon Fire TV Device to show your content on the screen. You can buy them using the links below.


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