How to get your Secret address in iCal format on Google Calendar

Last updated: March 31, 2020

In this short step-by-step guide we will show you how to get your Secret Address in iCal format from your Google Calendar. You will need this secret address whenever you want to sync, share or view your Google Calendar with other applications. You will need this when you are using our Simplify Screen for example.

Step 1: Choose which calendar and open the settings

In your browser, you first need to go to your Google Calendar and choose for which calendar you want the Secret Address for. On the bottom left you will see the list of your calendars. Select your calendar by hovering over it, and click the three dots that appear next to it. Next, click on Settings and Sharing.

source: Google Calendar

Step 2: Copy the Secret Address in iCal format

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When you are in the settings for the calendar, you then scroll down until you see the section “Integrate calendar”. Here you will be able to see and copy both the Public and the Secret address in iCal format. The difference is, that the Public address will only work on Public calendars that are open to anyone. The Secret address is the one we want.

source: Google Calendar

You can now select the full address and copy it to your clipboard. The address is quite long, so make sure to copy the whole line.

How to get the secret address in iCal format on a phone or tablet

At the time of writing this blog, it is not possible to get the secret iCal address from within the Google Calendar App. There still is a way to do so, but it is a little annoying. Hopefully Google will make this possible in the near future!

In order to get the secret iCal address on a mobile device, you should not open the app. You need to access your calendar from within a Browser instead. If your phone is as clever as mine, then it probably just opens the app as soon as you type in the address bar. But for now you should avoid this by using the incognito mode on your browser. This is as simple as tapping in the bottom right hand corner and opening a new incognito tab, or private on safari. I personally use Google Chrome on an iPhone.

Once you are logged-in, on the bottom you can switch from Mobile to ‘Desktop’-mode. Now you can finally follow the steps above to get the iCal file you want.

Switch to Desktop

That’s it! You now know how to get your Secret Address in iCal format from your Google Calendar. Now that you have it, you can now paste it wherever you need it.

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