Why you do need a website for your business

Last updated: May 24, 2020

I have often heard the argument “I have a local business people find anyway” or “People already know that I exist”. Many small business owners still don’t have a website and ask themselves if they need a website or not. In this Blog post I will give you 3 reasons that the world has changed and you definitely do need a website for your business. Here’s a quick overview of the topics:

A website will attract more customers and will result in more money

This should already be enough reason for you as a business owner to have a website. Your website will be online 24 hours a day 365 days per year. It doesn’t need a lunch break, a bank holiday and will never be ill. So you could potentially reach a lot more people by being online.

About 51% of people prefer to shop online and a lot of these people do so either at work, or at home in the evening. It is highly recommended to have a webshop aside your local store as well to target both groups of potential customers.

The other half of the group will most likely still look on the internet before going to a local store. study says that 81% of shoppers do online research before buying. Only then, they decide to either order the product online, or go to a local store to get the item they want.

If you would be online, you have the opportunity to convert these possible customers into your paying customers, either online or in your store.

Having a website adds credibility to your brand

Consumers are trying to connect with companies more than ever and we have already seen that the majority of these consumers are trying to do so online. Having a website is the easiest way to provide updates and promotions to fulfill this desire. And it even get’s better, 56% of consumers say they do not trust a business without a website. The same survey says that 82 percent of small businesses with an online presence would recommend investment in a website to other small companies in their industry.

People are skeptical creatures by nature. They like to see an address, telephone number and possibly a picture of your company building or store before they start to trust you. They see that you are open and transparent and are therefore more likely to buy from you. Also, your website needs to work properly and be visually attractive. Nobody places an order on a crappy website that has errors or looks terrible. And don‘t forget, your website nowadays needs to have a responsive design to make all of this work on any device! Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and so on. We utilize the power of WordPress to make all of our sites responsive.

Responsive design

Last but not least, you’ve probably received a business related email from somebody@yahoo.com in the past. How did it make you feel? I usually distrust such emails straight away and am afraid that it might be fishing. You don’t want to be this person! When you own a domain name, which belongs to having a website, you will also have the opportunity to get a personalized email address like yourname@yourbusiness.com Sounds much more trustworthy! Here at Simplify Everything we use G Suite to add a personalized email address to our customers accounts. You can read more about this and all of the other amazing benefits here.

Better value for your money than traditional marketing channels

Most people just throw away the door-to-door flyers as soon as they come in. With a website, you can more easily target the people who are actually interested in your business.

Greet your guests in style on your Smart TV.
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We all know Google, and we all use it. Google is the master when it comes to finding what you are looking for. When you own a website then you take part in this as well and people looking for you will actually find you. Of course it is also important to have your website optimized for search engines and preferably do something about content marketing as well, but we all need to start somewhere. And if you own a local business then it is even more important to be online.

Local business owners can add their listing to Google My Business for free. This way, when people are searching for your business, or any business alike, your listing will show up in the search results, and on Google Maps! From here, most users go either directly to your store, call you or… here we go… visit your website! If you have one of course 😉

Here at Simplify Everything we believe that everyone should have the possibility to have the website they want for an affordable price. You can easily calculate the costs of your new website and see for yourself how affordable it can be.

Wrap up

Having a website clearly is a must to all business owners. You simply can’t get away with not having one anymore today. And you can have one made and supported for you, for relatively low costs. Especially if you compare it to the money you spend on traditional marketing. Feel free to get in touch or leave a reply if you have any questions

Raymond Hollaar

Raymond is a Dutch guy with Hungarian roots, living in Austria. Can you still follow? Apart from loving the outdoor life in the mountains, he spends most of his time indoors playing with computers. He has over 10 years of experience with the design of websites and especially with e-Commerce.

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